Investment Philosophy

Focus Industries

Madison India Capital is focused on the consumer, business services, technology and financial services industries. Our industry focus allows us to build deeper relationships with management teams in our sectors. Our industry expertise also enables us to be a value added partner with management teams. We are able to be more decisive and responsive to entrepreneurs and management teams seeking to partner with us.

Strong Partnership with Management and Co-Investors

We believe that a key to a successful investment approach is to partner with strong management teams and co-investors with interests that are aligned with ours. We work collaboratively with both management teams and co-investors to build value in portfolio companies. In addition, we seek to maintain strong relationships with existing and former executives who can be an invaluable resource portfolio companies and may be able to serve in an advisory capacity.

Value Added

Our industry specialization enables us to provide more than capital to management teams. As a value added partner we seek to be actively engaged as a resource to senior management of portfolio companies in strategic and financing considerations at the board level. In addition, we strive to be a resource to our companies with our network of domestic and global relationships in our industries of focus as well as in the capital markets.

Focus on middle market companies

Madison India focuses on middle-market growth companies, typically with $10 million to $100 million in total enterprise value which have the capability to grow earnings at double digit rates per annum. The middle-market provides investors with the opportunity for extraordinary returns when a growth company exceeds expectations. In addition, companies in this size range can often derive significant benefit from the efforts of our operating resources and relationships.