Selected Investments


Indian Energy Exchange (IEX)

Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) is India’s leading power trading platform. The company commenced operations in 2008 to facilitate the equitable, transparent and efficient trading of power with a multi-buyer and seller model. IEX is the world’s first electronic power exchange operating in a supply deficit scenario providing trading, settlement, and scheduling services. The exchange platform is used by thousands of participants across the 29 States including utilities, private generators of commercial or renewable energy, as well as open access consumers. Over 29 billion units of electricity were traded on the platform in 2015. For more information, please visit

Pine Labs

Pine Labs

Pine is a provider of intelligent Point of Sale (POS) payment terminal solutions to merchants in India with a significant market share of all credit card and debit card transactions in India. It has leveraged its analytics engine and network of brands, merchants and manufacturers to allow issuer banks to process instant EMI (credit) for purchases.  In addition, Pine’s other service segments include gift cards, reward/loyalty cards and promotions. It has created significant network effects with a critical mass of merchants, brands and banks on its network. For more information, please visit


SCIO Health Analytics

SCIO Health Analytics (SCIO) offers data analytic solutions and services to the healthcare industry. Its primary business today is using its data analytic capabilities to (i) help health insurance companies identify and eliminate fraudulent/improper claims from health providers such as doctors and hospitals; (ii) assist large employers in optimally structuring their group health insurance plans; and (iii) provide pharma companies solutions to make better R&D and marketing decisions using their patient/customer healthcare data. For more information, please visit

Micromax Informatics Ltd

Micromax Informatics Ltd

Micromax Informatics Ltd is the leading Indian handset maker as well as the 12th largest mobile handset manufacturer in the world. The company designs, produces and distributes mobile handsets through over 30,000 retail points in 120 cities and is amongst the fastest growing mobile handset companies in India. With an in-depth understanding of the Indian consumer, the company is constantly innovating through R&D to create products and marketing strategies that appeal to the consumer. For more information, please visit

United Lex


UnitedLex is a global leader in legal and business solutions which provides technology-backed litigation support, intellectual property and advisory services to its clients across multiple geographies. It delivers solutions in-house enabling clients to avoid costly mark ups and inefficiencies encountered when dealing with multiple vendors. The company has a global talent pool of over 2,000 that includes e-discovery experts, litigation attorneys, corporate attorneys, patent engineers. For more information, please visit

Ideacts Innovations


Ideacts provides software to Internet cafés across the country through their software iCafe Manager iCafe Manager is a free of cost, cloud & desktop based operations & management solution for Cyber Cafes. It helps in managing their day to day operations with various tools like user registration, accounting, rate plans, membership etc.  The Desktop of machines used by the Users gets transformed into an interface that displays various apps like search, gaming, videos, news etc. The company reaches out to 18,000 cafes across 497 cities and has over 21million user sessions per month.



iYogi is a leading independent provider of subscription based technical support services to home users and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. Leveraging its proprietary Digital Service Cloud software technology platform, iYogi delivers support services to millions of customers globally and its services are available on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. With a growing global footprint, iYogi services are available in ten countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, India and Canada. For more information, please visit