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The Madison India Capital Advantage

We believe it is important to complement good investment decisions with tangible sources of value creation in order to generate superior returns. In addition, we believe that our deep industry perspective and relationships are valuable assets to companies that we invest in.

Sector Specialization

Madison India Capital is exclusively focused on the consumer, business services, technology and financial services industries in India. That’s all we do. Sector specialization enables us to better engage with our portfolio companies and draw from decades of experience we have in that industry. We are also able to be more decisive and responsive to entrepreneurs and management teams seeking to partner with us.

Board Level

Our deep industry perspective enables us to make constructive contributions at the board level, to assist in evaluating strategic plans, identify acquisitions and to structure and finance transactions. The investment team at Madison India Capital has had decades of experience investing in growth companies. We understand the challenges and opportunities management teams encounter and the tough choices they face as they build businesses in competitive markets. As active board members, we are committed to engaging management teams to help ensure success.

Operational Excellence

We strive to be a resource to portfolio companies as they continue to look for ways to improve operations and best practices at every level of the organization. Where possible, we find it is helpful to bring in a senior operating executive at the board level who can also provide a valuable sounding board to companies. We believe good corporate governance must complement efforts in operational excellence. In addition, where helpful we use our network of relationships to assist in identifying and recruiting senior level management.

Global Industry Relationships

The professionals at Madison India bring an extensive network of global relationships including with executives in industry sectors that include consumer, business services, financial services and the technology industries. We believe these relationships can be a valuable resource to our portfolio companies.

Financing and Capital Markets Relationships

We have domestic and global relationships with commercial as well as investment banks that enable us to play an important role in mergers, equity and debt financings, as well as other capital structure considerations.