About Us

Who We Are

Our Guiding Principles

Our professional and personal conduct is guided by a set of principles that define who we are and the strength of our culture. These enduring qualities are at the core of Madison India Capital since its inception and help guide our actions in everything we do every day.

  • Integrity and professionalism first. There are no higher ethical values than truth, honesty and professionalism.
  • Teamwork through individual excellence. Always giving our best to the team and playing to win.
  • The highest quality of work and thought in everything we do. An obsessive commitment to quality and improvement
  • Commitment and accountability. Work with conviction and take personal responsibility for actions and decisions.
  • Creativity and dedication. Strive relentlessly for better solutions and seek opportunities others have missed.
  • Humility in our approach and respect towards our clients, business associates, colleagues and our community. Treat everyone with dignity and courtesy.
  • Enjoying ourselves. We are passionate about our family, our work and our community.